Nissan to Reveal Friend-ME Concept at Auto Expo 2014

Nissan-Friend-ME-Concept-05 Nissan-Friend-ME-Concept-02-720x518

Along with new 2014 Nissan Sunny sedan, Friend-Me concept car will be on display. Friend-Me Concept envisions Nissan’s next gen saloon combining sporty and dynamic new design features with a cabin laden with in-car tech, and entertainment.

Friend-Me concept car defines the company’s bold vision of how the next generation of saloons will look like. The concept car combines sporty and dynamic new design features with a cabin that showcases Nissan’s latest vision of in-car technology and entertainment.

The car is being aimed specifically at Chinese youths. This target market is sized at 240 million, substantial enough to warrant cars tailor-made to their tastes. Nissan estimate that the growing numbers in this subset market could decide the kind of products they make for many decades to come.

Nissan-Friend-Me-Concept-Image-08-1680 Nissan-FriendME-concept-live-interior-3 Nissan-Friend-Me-Concept-Image-011-1280 nissan-friend-me-concept-unveiled-in-shanghai-videophoto-gallery_26 nissan-friend-me-concept-unveiled-in-shanghai-videophoto-gallery_3 2013-Nissan-Friend-ME-Concept-Rear nissan-friend-me-39 2013-Nissan-Friend-ME-Concept-Interior-Front

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