Terra Motors launches Kiwami electric bike in india which offers a 1000cc class acceleration


Terra Motors entered the Indian two-wheeler market by introducing the Kiwami electric sportsbike, which it claims to have the performance similar to a 1000cc superbike and will showcase further models at the upcoming 2014 Auto Expo

Terra Motors Corporation, the premiere manufacturer of electric two and three-wheelers in Japan, made its debut in the Indian market by introducing-Kiwami. The word Kiwami, in English translates to ‘Ultimate’ and according to Terra Motors can compete with 1000cc superbikes in terms of performance and has been priced at Rs 18 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

The Kiwami, which in Japanese means Ultimate’, produces 10kW max motor capacity which allows rapid acceleration (equivalent of a 1000cc class motorcycle)  and achieves a respectful top speed of 160kmph. It is a completely hand-built unit with state-of-the-art Japanese technology.

It will take only six hours to charge completely after which it can cover a distance of 200 kilometres making Kiwami the farthest running electric bike in India on a single charge. Needless to say it is environment friendly owing to its zero emission electric motor. Terra Motors will also unveil their range of electric scooters at the upcoming Auto Expo 2014.

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