TVS Motors to Launch Electric Scooter with Solar Roof by 2022

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TVS Motor Company is consistently working hard on electric and hybrid scooters that will now soon come inbuilt with a solar roof.
As with launch of next generation scooters TVS motors main goal is to launch latest technologically advanced scooters for more safety and security which also can save lots of problems and issues faced by commuters.

Apart from giving some relief against the sun and rain, the roof will be built and designed with a solar panel that will automatically charge the battery. The battery will then power the motor that will recharge the scooter and improve its range. Of course, there will be a charging port to fill up the battery conventionally, using a charger. The idea is to be able to charge the vehicle on the go. This will eliminate a lot of problems with electric mobility as you will not have to park your vehicle to charge it at charging stations when the battery drains out.

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The rider will get wind blast protection with the windscreen, while the backrest and the headrest will enhance the pillion comfort. Split-style pillion grab rails are also visible in the image. The source report claims that the new-age scooters will be available for personal and commercial use.

TVS Motors has been doing lots of research and development in electric and hybrid scooters and now they had been planning to add new feature that is inbuilt solar roof. Yes, a roof on a scooter and it serves a special purpose. The company has been working on this concept for the past few years and now, they have finally decided to take it built, design and launch as soon as possible.

It is reported that The solar panel-equipped electric and hybrid scooters will take some couple of years time for more improvement and feasibility before its final launch of 2022. These products could be shown in concept form at 2020 Auto Expo to gauge the market response. The solar-powered scooter will be also exported to other countries across the world.

K. N. Radhakrishnan, President, CEO & Additional Whole-Time Director, TVS Motor Company, had stated in the Full Year 2019 Earnings Conference Call earlier this month that the first the company’s electric product from the Hosur-based two-wheeler brand should arrive in the current financial year (FY2019-20).

The first electric vehicle from TVS is expected to be the production version of the Creon concept featuring several smart connected technologies co-developed with Intel. The concept packed three Lithium-ion batteries to power a 12 kW (16.32 PS) motor. The claimed 0-60 km/h acceleration time was 5.1 seconds. These numbers are not likely to be drastically different in the production model.

The electric fever having completely taken over cars, now has moved on to the two-wheeler segment. Even in India, startup brands like Ather and Okinawa have been producing battery powered two-wheelers for some time now, but TVS has now come up with a concept that changes the way we look at battery propelled automobiles.

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This new TVS electric scooter will also eliminate range anxiety and one will be able to use their electric vehicles for longer commutes as well. Talking about longer commutes, TVS has also thought about the pillion rider. The pillion seat could have a proper backrest and headrest incorporated with the roof.

As for the roof structure, it could be made from a number of light weight materials fibre reinforced plastic, polyacrylonitrile, aluminium and sheet metal. The design and layout of the solar panels are yet to be finalized and will be done in a way that maximizes operational efficiency.

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